Thursday, 4 October 2012

Availing Service Support at

Do you think you need to call the Eureka Forbes customer care number every time a problem is detected in your Aqua Sure product? Identify the problem first before you dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number (3988 3333, accessible round the clock). Most of the purifiers come with user manual that can be downloaded from This corporate website of Eureka Forbes features each of the products that the company deals in.

If water tastes bad, it may be sign of the storage tank getting dirty; get it cleaned. This can be done from your end. Be sure to discard H2O stored in the storage tank for too long. Once you discard it, clean the tank. If it is time to change the filters of your Aqua Sure appliance, you should avail service support of the Eureka Forbes trained technician. Request for service support can also be placed at

So you are not able to find out why H2O flowing from the Aqua Sure faucet is low. It can be either because of the tap water valve being closed or filters getting clogged. Do not stay confused; if you are not able to detect the problem, get service support from the company.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Filter Life and Maintenance of AquaSure Nano Eureka Forbes RO

Are you well familiar with the maintenance aspects of your AquaSure Nano RO? Investing on the Eureka Forbes RO system is of course investing on your good health. Here is what you should take into account. Get the filters replaced periodically. This AquaSure appliance comes incorporated with Pre Filter, Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis membrane and Post Activated Carbon Filter. If you know the life of each of the filters, replacing them at the right time periodically will be easy for you.

Following is a description of the life of the filters of the AquaSure Nano Eureka Forbes RO system. 
•    Pre filter has a life of purifying 6000 liters of water or 1 year, whichever is earlier
•    Sediment filter has a life of six months, i.e. 3000 liters of usage, whichever is earlier
•    RO membrane has a capacity to purify 6000 liters of water effectively
•    Pre-carbon filter has a life of 6 months or 3000 liters, whichever is earlier
•    Post-carbon filter can run for a year or purify 6000 liters of water.

If flow of water per minute from the reject water tube is less than 300 ml (minimum), call the Eureka Forbes service technician immediately.

Living Smart with Smart UV AquaSure Water Purifier

Using the UV Eureka Forbes water purifier implies that you are using an appliance from the world’s largest manufacturer of UV systems. And it is not just quantity that the company emphasizes on. Green production concepts and stringent adherence to national and international quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process makes each UV Eureka Forbes Water Purifier a magnum opus in itself.

Quartz UV filtration involving passing of water through a high grade glass without contacting any metal part during the purification process, in-built voltage stabilizer to let your purifier work even during voltage fluctuation, UV lamp sensing mechanism wherein current is sensed and purification monitored, cartridge life of 5000 liters, error indication – these are only few of the features of this AquaSure Water Purifier called Smart UV. Yes, you live smart, stay healthy using this appliance. Its aesthetic design complements the modern kitchen decor.

Want to know more about the appliance? Visit If you are not satisfied with the information provided in the website, get its user manual downloaded from The manual contains every detail related to the Smart UV AquaSure water purifier – purification mechanism, life of cartridges, features, advantages, technical specifications, installation dynamics, maintenance, and more.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Filter Cartridges in Aquaguard RO Reviva

Just using an advanced purifier is not sufficient. You will certainly enjoy the benefits of drinking pure and safe H2O. But having complete knowledge about your appliance makes sense. Which Eureka Forbes water purifier are you using? Is it an Aquaguard RO system? Lakhs of users rely on this Aquaguard RO system called the Total Reviva.

What information do you have about the filter cartridges incorporated in your Total Reviva? There are four filter cartridges incorporated in this Eureka Forbes Water Purifier. These are clarity cartridge, organic remover cartridge, TFC (thin film composite) spiral reverse osmosis membrane, and taste enhancer cartridge.

The clarity cartridge in this Aquaguard RO system is polypropylene melt-blown, which helps in removal of finer suspended particles such as dirt and sand. The organic remover cartridge is a bacteriostatic granular silver tool that helps in the removal of excess chlorine and organic impregnated activated carbon impurities. If your tap H2O tastes bad and if any odor emanates from the H2O, they get easily absorbed. The RO membrane reduces TDS and hardness besides removing pesticides, micro organisms, heavy metals and other new age contaminants. The taste enhancer cartridge removes residual organic impurities and revives the original taste of water.

Knowing About Your Eurekaforbes RO System

All ready to buy this Eureka Forbes RO system called Aquasure Elegant DX? So you have visited your nearest modern organized retail outlet. Have you gone through the features of this appliance? It will be wise on your part to know about your chosen appliance first before you buy it. Here are few of the features of the Aquasure Elegant DX Eureka Forbes RO System:
•    It supports 500 -2000 (mg/l) TDS
•    It comes incorporated with TFC spiral RO membrane
•    Purification happens in five stages including RO purification
•    All unwanted salts and impurities are effectively removed
•    Aesthetic design, suiting the décor of the modern kitchen
•    It has a storage capacity of 8 liters
•    Micro switch float facilitates avoidance of overflow
•    Manual flush in this Eurekaforbes product facilitates cleaning of cartridge and enhancing its life
•    It shuts itself off automatically if not used for over 10 minutes.
•    Convenience assured with glass holding facility.
To know more about the Eurekaforbes appliance, visit Dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number to know about its warranty, cartridge life, and how to go about availing service support. Regular servicing will facilitate effecting functioning of the appliance.

Monday, 27 August 2012

AquaSure Nano RO – Pride of My Kitchen

Purification in five stages involving use of TFC spiral RO membrane supporting 500 -2000 (mg/l) and four different filter cartridges including carbon block for checking chlorine levels makes this Eureka Forbes RO system my most prized possession in the kitchen. It is the AquaSure Nano RO. Its compact and sleek design has only enhanced my kitchen décor aesthetics. We are a small family and its 4 liters storage capacity is enough to meet our water needs.

Do remember buddies…if your tap water is salty, you should get an RO system installed. And I bet there can be no RO purifier better than the Eureka Forbes RO system no matter which of its available models under the two different brands you choose. The models differ in storage capacities and few additional features. Browsing through the details of the available models at, I came to know that price goes higher with higher storage capacity and additional features. But then purification purpose served is the same.

My AquaSure Nano RO comes with a micro switch to avoid overflow and maximizing storage capacity. Its manual flush facilitates automatic cleaning of the RO membrane. Its energy saver mode and in-built voltage stabilizer are other advantageous features.

Existing Range of The AquaSure Systems

No other company except Eureka Forbes, a market leader, has such a huge range of water purifiers under two different brands – Aquaguard and AquaSure. Enter the world of these two brands and you will be spoilt for choices. I browsed through the entire range at Every detail about each of the purifier along with image, price tag, and buying mode is displayed at this corporate site of the company.

It is at that I came to know that the AquaSure brand of purifiers is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. Before you visit your nearest retail outlet, it will be wise on your part to make a comparative analysis of the type of purifier you have been recommended to buy – RO, UV, Storage, and RO + UV. This is what I did. I was able to take the right buying decision. Let me mention here the existing range of the AquaSure systems:         
•    Aqua Sure RO: Spring fresh DX, Elegant RO, Nano RO
•    Aqua Sure UV: Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx
•    Aqua Sure Storage: AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet, AquaSure Xtra, AquaSure Galaxy
•    Aqua Sure RO+UV.

Low-Cost AquaSure Galaxy Purifier

Have you brought home this new AquaSure water purifier called the Galaxy? If you are looking for a low-cost but highly advanced purification system, AquaSure Galaxy should be your ultimate choice. It is India’s first storage water purifier with one year cartridge life. At 510 mm x 275 mm x 275 mm dimension, it weighs only 2.7kg. Input water temperature ranges from 10°C to 30°C while input water turbidity to the maximum is 10 NTU. Life of the purification cartridge is 3000 litres; the filter comes with a end of life cartridge indicator. Want to get the user manual of this Eureka Forbes Water Purifier downloaded? Visit

In this category of low cost Eureka Forbes water purifier, there are two more models, viz. AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra. They run without electricity and running water.

Galaxy AquaSure Water Purifier is appreciated by users at large for its toughened body and effective purification mechanism. Its storage capacity is 20 litres. Even if you are a big family you will never run short of pure water. At only Rs. 2,199, it is worth the buy. It is available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets.    

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Praises for My Aquaguard RO Purifier

My Eureka Forbes water purifier not only removes water-borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa but also tough new age contaminants like lead, pesticides and heavy metals. It handles the low TDS levels. Water that flows from the faucet is odorless, tasty, and crystal clear. I only feel like drinking more and more. There was a time when I hated drinking water, as it was smelly, and often ended up with dehydration. Today I drink more than the recommended eight glasses. All thanks to my Total Enhance Green RO. This Aquaguard RO Eureka Forbes water purifier happens to be the only one of its kind in India. Yes, it comes incorporated with a green technology. I have heard about RO systems wasting gallons of water during the purifying process. My Aquaguard RO lets me save 30 percent of the water that is prone to get wasted.

Its electronic membrane life enhancer prevents scaling of dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium in the membrane, thereby enhancing its life and improving water flow. Depth and enhanced filtration is facilitated by the particulate filter and clarity cartridge. The special carbon cartridge incorporated ensures that the membrane is not affected by chlorination and residual organic impurities are removed.

Fan Following For Eureka Forbes

I am an ardent fan of Eurekaforbes, so are my family members, friends and relatives who use this company’s products. Those who are not yet part of the Eurekaforbes family will not admire the company but those who are, I bet, definitely will. My relationship with this company started with the Aquaguard Total Reviva. This is the Eureka Forbes RO system that is banked upon by lakhs of Indian mothers. 

Now I know why this Eureka Forbes RO System is such a rage in the market. From the very day that we have started using it, we found our drinking water tasty, odorless, and crystal clear. My uncle’s two children no longer complain about the regular little ailments. I feel they have their learning capabilities improved. Yes, Aquaguard Reviva removes lead which hinders the development of the brain. I have read in an article that lead decreases alert levels and causes learning disorders. I feel now the children are more alert and grasp things well. Besides, this purification system handles TDS levels and removes all the contaminants present.

Many of the neighbors in my neighborhood use the Aquaguard Total Reviva. They are all praises for this purifier from the house of Eurekaforbes.

Monday, 30 July 2012

AquaSure RO Models and Storage Capacities

What you have heard dimensions about the AquaSure Eureka Forbes RO systems are indeed true. Once you start using them, you will know why people are all praises for the series. In the AquaSure category itself, you will come across three models, viz. AquaSure Spring fresh DX, AquaSure Elegant RO, and AquaSure Nano RO. It is in storage capacities and counted few features that the Eureka Forbes RO models differ; purification purpose served is the same.    

Spring fresh DX comes with the largest storage capacity amid the three models. It can store 8 litres of purified H2O in its ABS plastic tank. While Nano RO stores 4 liters, Elegant RO stores 6 liters. Higher the processing and storage capacity, higher is the price. Hence, Elite UV, ideal for big families, costs the highest.

Spring fresh DX Eureka Forbes RO system reduces TDS by 90 percent during the purification process. There are various features that you will find in common in all of the three models. Installation can be either wall-mount or table top; their design aesthetics add to the décor of a modern kitchen. All systems come with micro switch float to avoid over flow, a feature that also maximizes storage capacity.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Choosing an Aqua Sure UV Purifier

Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx – which of these Aqua Sure UV purifiers are you geared up to buy? There are more models available under another brand of the same company. Visit to take a tour of all the available models. Compare them so that you take informed buying decisions. Well, every Aqua Sure product is an archetype of superlative quality, advanced technology, innovation, and purification effectiveness. Hence, it matters not which model you choose to buy. What should be taken into consideration is the storage capacity. Bigger the family, bigger should be the storage capacity. And then if you consider buying a highly sophisticated system with safety alerts and safety lock so that you are alerted in advance about change of cartridge, monitoring feature, LCD display with smart indicators, etc., price may go up.

These features come incorporated in the Aqua Sure Elite UV. Detailed features with price, image, description, buying mode, and technical specifications are displayed at You can get the user manual downloaded from this portal. Purification purpose served of all purifiers is the same though there may be differences in features. From the faucet of every Aqua Sure purifier, you will receive pure and safe water.